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Meet the Peaky Pacas

They've each got their own individual personality!

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The Girls

Elsey is an excitable young lady with a bit of an attitude!  She hangs out with her best friend Esme, and together they like to blow kisses at the boys through the fence!  Elsey likes her spikey hair and models herself on Billy Eilish!  She does like going out for a walk, seeing friends and posing her opinions on Social Media.
Linda is sooooooooooooooo easy going, relaxed and friendly.  Her passion is food, and she is currently writing a recipe book for alpacas – ‘A thousand ways to make a carrot cake’  Linda loves to go walking with friends and of course, with a picnic!

FLICKA is quite a large lady, and enjoys eating out quite a lot and isn’t afraid to eat anyone else’s left overs! She likes to cook big sticky cakes from Nigella Lawson’s cookbooks, and her favourite of all is the triple layered chocolate cake. Despite eating, Flicka also takes part in Animal Rights and Save the Planet demonstrations and has been arrested five times, although she claims it was unfair victimisation.


ROSE is a mature lady, quite quick witted and sees the funny side of everything.  She likes walking, doing puzzles and cross stitch.  She likes to listen to Woman’s Hour on Radio 4 and meeting up with friends for tea and cake at the local garden centre.


ELIZA is very pretty and she knows it! Like her mum Gigi, she likes dressing up and wearing false eyelashes.  She likes designing clothes for alpacas and selling them on-line.  Her ambition is to open a shop one day selling lots of nice sparkly things.


MARGARET is getting on in years and is now retired.  She is just happy spending time with her daughters, Lily and Esme, son Hamish and grandson Gino.  She likes to meet people and go to bingo on occasion with friends from the WI, as well as watching soap operas on TV.  Her favourite is Emmerdale, although she preferred it when it was Emmerdale Farm.


MATILDA is very mischievous and likes to play practical jokes on people.  She very much likes to have things her own way and doesn’t like being compared to her mum Rose, who is far more sensible!  She likes to have lots of fun and likes people who make her laugh!  Matilda likes to keep the little ones occupied playing games like kiss catch and skipping!


LILY likes her name, as one of her most favourite things in the whole world are flowers.  She likes to go out walking amongst the pretty heather in summer.  Lily enjoys Yoga and makes sure she has at least 15 minutes of meditation a day.  She is dedicated to looking after her elderly mum Margaret, and keeping an eye on the little ones.


ATHENA unlike her mum, Henrietta, likes to walk and see new places.  She’s quite scruffy and a bit of a tom boy – much the opposite of her sister Gigi!  Athena has travelled all over the country taking part in martial arts competitions and is quite good at it!  She only achieved a blue belt in Taekwondo, but only uses the back kick these days in self-defence.


HENRIETTA likes to keep herself to herself.  She writes short stories and poems and relaxes with a Jane Austin Novel. She models herself on her favourite actress Maggie Smith especially when she played the Dowager Countess in Downton Abbey.  Henrietta does not care for walking, but does like to meet people now and again especially if they are bearing gifts!


GIGI is quite a princess and thinks she is far prettier than Holly Willoughby!  She likes nothing more than trying on designer clothes, jewellery and make up.  Gigi likes on-line shopping and is a great fan of Amazon and QVC! She can be quite the diva at times, but she thinks it enhances her personality and makes her more interesting than the others!


ESME is very cheeky and likes to be ‘one of the lads’.  She likes racing cars and flying helicopters.  Esme likes 80’s music, and has her mum’s old cassette player.  Mum Margaret has her work cut out to keep Esme under control, including trying to get her to tidy up her hair!

The boys


HAMISH is a very friendly chap, he’s a bit of a joker and likes clowning around with his fuzzy ears and goofy teeth. Despite his name, he doesn’t have a connection to Scotland, but he does like Andy Murray, tartan and shortbread biscuits. He is happy to be your friend and go walking with you, especially if you know some funny jokes!


RONNIE is a good old chap, laid back and chilled out, he likes nothing more than spending the night in with a fine wine adorning a smoking jacket and cravat whilst listening to Mozart’s number 40 symphony in G minor.  He is quite happy to take a turn around the grounds and putting the world to rights.  His favourite TV programme is Andrew Marr on a Sunday Morning and the Antiques Roadshow.


TOMMY is a bit of a geezer.  He likes a bit of football and supports West Ham.  His favourite TV programme is anything with Ross Kemp in it, and Peaky Blinders, as he thinks he looks a bit like Tommy Shelby. Tommy likes to spend time with the lads, havin’ a bit o’ banter and a pint.  He likes a flutter on the horses on a Saturday, although he hasn’t managed to back a winner yet!


GINO is a lovely sweet kind and gentle boy.  Unlike his uncle Hamish, he is very shy.  He doesn’t like wondering too far away from his mum, but does get led astray sometimes by Walter.  He likes to play racing games with the others and listen to his Grandma Margret tell stories about the good old days.


Boris is all grown up know, but he’s still a cheeky chappie!  He has been in trouble for going to parties during lockdown, and sticking up for his naughty friends, Gino Hamish and Walter!  As if that wasn’t bad enough, he has told the odd fib from time to time too! However, Boris just brushes this off, and concentrates on enjoying himself.  He looks forward to meeting all the people that want to come and see him!


WALTER gets upset when everyone says he looks like Gino, because he is much tougher than Gino, and his mum Flicka is bigger than Gino’s mum Lilly! Walter wants to be a boxer when he grows up like Anthony Joshua, but his mum says he’s being very silly. He has however, developed an appetite like his mum, so if he does become a boxer it will be in the heavy weight division.


Larry is new to Peaky Pacas! After retiring from Formula 1 motor racing for Alpacacedes, Larry still loves the fast lane and fast living.  With his devilish good looks, he’s popular with the girls and isn’t afraid to get up and close with lovely ladies!  Larry likes to practice his laps round the field to maintain his fitness, and can often be seen exercising pinching apples from the garden tree!


Douglas is Peaky Pacas’ newest edition!  Born on 14 June 2022, he’s just as laid back and friendly as his mum, and is full of very cute cheekiness!  Douglas has learnt to play chess, and often plays with Gino in the evenings, but Gino is not that good at it!

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